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Saturday, January 8, 2011

We are here!

Our family arrived safely in Papa, Hungary. We're staying at the Hotel Villa Classica

I'm a bit tired but will try to give some of my first impressions. I will have the girls write some tomorrow.

First impressions:
- colorful buildings...old and quaint
- really nice people
- flat land going to some rolling hills...looks like it will be beautiful in the spring
- enjoy taking our dog Jake on his potty walk around the downtown rather than our neighborhood in Charleston, SC...much more to see....yes, I brought a poop bag with me
- food is good so far, Rebecca and I especially like the sparkling water or water with gas as they refer to it
- weather is cold and overcast but no snow...looking forward to the snow
- Americans here have been wonderful! We have already had one friend, Kellie, bring over some breakfast food for us and another, Lisa and Corey, chat for awhile and show us a great restaurant, with more invites to come and visit in the future,,,wonderful welcome
- kids are enjoying it though hopefully we will get a house soon since they are already antsy to get out of the hotel
- need to learn some Hungarian

There is much more but I'm off to bed! Will post some pictures soon!

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