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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday reflections

- A bit surreal - sitting at breakfast in hotel lobby with Sarah, eating European breakfast (meat, veggies, granola, roll, dried fruit, sparkling water and coffee) watching her dance along to a Bee Gees song playing...what is it about other country's fascination with American music? I am sure they have some wonderful music of their own - I would rather listen to that
- got our van but the battery is dead - have it parked outside hotel, most likely the only Toyota Sienna in the  whole city of Papa
- Jake really likes his walks around the block, so much to one seems to pick up poop around here, I think that is why they have "no dog" signs at the entrance to their parks; our friend Kellie said as long as your dog is on a leash and you pick up after it, they don't seem to mind if you take your dog into a park. We have been told that most dogs in Papa are for security reasons only and are kept outside and bark a lot...we've seen this already although one house we looked at yesterday had the cutest Yorkie named Molly and she was definitely an indoor dog
- Jeff commented that he hasn't seen one police car since we've been here. I saw a couple parked outside the police station
- I've got to learn more Hungarian! The sweetest little Hungarian lady tried to communicate with me and Grace outside the yummy pizza place (where we have eaten three lunches in a row...good and cheap). She was the one using her English and was able to communicate to me that she has relatives in Sarasota, FL and Rochester, NY. She wanted to say more but I didn't understand her. We plan to hire someone to teach our family
- Saw three houses yesterday. All houses seem to ask for 400,000 Forint for rent...that is equivalent to $2,000 rent which is very good for this area! That is the limit that the U.S. military has set for what they will pay for rent and all the landlords seem to know that. Not too many houses with 4 bedrooms, which is what we are looking for. I understand since the families are fairly small here. 
- There has been fog for the last two days...very thick. This is common in winter throughout parts of Europe. 
- Still having trouble getting to sleep but I know I'l get used to the time change in a few days
- We have been so blessed with some really nice people, nice hotel and exciting adventures awaiting us!

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  1. What a fascinating opportunity Tania. Sounds amazing. Prayers for all! XOXO Annette