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Monday, January 24, 2011

Rebecca's thoughts after 2 weeks in Hungary

These are Rebecca's thoughts:

- in our hotel they have lots of pictures of zebras, elephants, and deer (the reason for this is that the owner is an avid hunter...there are also pics of wild boars, elk, etc.) Jeff learned that Hungary is known for its hunting and people often travel from other European countries to hunt in Hungary

- I don't see many school buses (the children do go to school from 1st grade on through high school)

- I like the chocolate Kinder-eggs with a little toy inside. I plan to buy some today at the store Interspar with some Forint that Mommy is going to give me in exchange for my dollars

- the food is tasty; my favorite thing I've eaten so far is the roasted/fried cheese

- the stores are exciting because there were pretty pink boots at one of the stores, (unfortunately, they were not in my size)

- I've met some very nice people..both Hungarian and American

- I liked going to the has a zip line that I can ride on (the park will be about a 10-minute walk from our new house)

- While we live in Hungary, I look forward to playing with my new friends

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