Travel with our family as we learn about, live amongst and embrace the people, culture and country of Hungary.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday - 2nd full day in Hungary - Tania's thoughts

- Church pretty! There are a number of beautiful, historic churches in Papa. I will post some pics soon
- Jake enjoyed his early morning walk...saw 4 people walking their dogs and had a few people say Jo Reggelt! (Good morning in Hungarian)
- Walked to Interspar  It's a large grocery store, based out of the UK. Very modern with everything we would need. I already found the discount diapers...2/3 the price of the pampers.
- While out walking you can seen many of the Communist-era high-rise apartment buildings. They have tried to make them look nicer by painting them with bright colors
- It's a beautiful, sunny day...Jeff is out with the four older kids, walking to pick up some pizza for lunch
- I saw a Gypsy/Roma lady in Interspar with her two little boys.  I smiled at her and she smiled sweet. From what I understand, they are not always treated kindly by others but there is a growing Christian outreach to them. Maybe the Lord will lead us in that direction
- We met our translator and she helped us with house hunting...very sweet lady. She spent a number of years in the US and has wonderful English skills
- Our new friends invited us over for dinner.,,had a great time with their four children...three girls and a boy, all around the same age as our kids.
- We walked back to the hotel after dinner...about 15 minutes...cold and so very foggy - I knew that I was not in Charleston...very different and European feeling
- Rachel and I were up til 2:30 and 3:30 am...trying to transition to European time


  1. Glad you made it safely! I'm looking forward to hearing all about your daily adventures.

  2. Hope the jet lag is getting better, and glad to see your updates here!