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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We went to Croatia with our friends the Alderman's to stay for three nights. It was a lot of fun. The first day was driving.....and driving...... and driving.......did I mention driving? When we finally got there it was about 12.00 pm. So we did some hiking, we hiked and hiked and hiked. Oh and forgot to mention we hiked. All of the kids,( and the Alderman's kids, Matthew, Joshua and Anna) went home with the dads, Jeff and Patrick. While the moms Tania and Charlynn, continued the hike. We still had to walk to the bus that would take us to the parking lot. And all the way to the bus I had to carry Anna( who was 5). She LOVED ME so much she would follow me every were I went. I didn't mind at all. When we finally got to the bus we went home and had ravioli for diner. And that was day 1 of our trip.

Yours truly


Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Birthday America

It's July 2nd, who's birthday is getting close? America's!!! It's 3.20 here in Hungary, we just got back from the grocery store. And no we don't go to the local market, to crowded. We just got back from TESCO, kinda like a Hungarian Walmart. We saw some beutiful gipsies there. And no gipsies are not bad, they just dress like the traditional gipsies dress but there not bad. Well then we got back and are still finishing up home school. And yeah it ROCKS!!!! Well that's all that's going on here. P.S sorry about the spelling I mean Im only 9.

By  Rachel

Friday, June 29, 2012

A little catch up on whats going on in Papa Hungary.

Its June 29 of 2012. Im Rachel, the second oldest child. Sorry we haven't posted in a while. Things are busy around here. Rebecca and Sarah just had birthdays so I haven't posted in a while. Ok, so were should I start. We moved to a new house and and spent Christmas it was woulderful. But we really need to focus on what Christmas is really about. Well now its Spring, still cold but its here! In January and Feb we got some snow fall, but not a lot. Only about three inches over all. After that it got warmer and there were a lot (when I say a lot, I mean A LOT!) of flowers. My mom would have said "ohhh this is soooo beutifullll!" In my case its not that big of a deal, but my mom says its so beutiful about every thing, so im used to it now. Well on Easter we got tiny, tiny flakes of snow. It was kind of funny. And after that came, Sarah's birthday on May 9. She had some of her freinds come over and had some cake, cupcakes and icecream. It was a lot of fun. And right after that came my other sister Rebecca's birthday. On June 7, we had a lot of fun (I was a little jelous myself) but we had a lot of fun. We also went to Karate camp and meet are friend Cheyene, She's not a Christian and we had been talking to her about Christ a little bit, but not a lot. Well thats all for now and try to keep you updated.

Yours truly,

Rachel E Daniels