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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ice skating, new friends and Hungarian Revolution Day

- Can it be that we've been here for more than 2 months? Hungary feels likes home. I am so glad we live here!
- I have so enjoyed meeting new friends from different countries! I had a lovely visit with a new friend from Sweden and made two new friends in Spain - one from Poland and the other from Norway. So awesome and such interesting conversation.

- The girls and I had a great time ice skating. After an hour, all three who had never put on skates before could make it around either by themselves or else with just a bit of help. Afterwards we went to  McDonalds. What a fun day!

- I uploaded a bunch of pictures of the inside of our house on my Facebook page if you want to check them out. Such a cozy house. I really like it!

- had a wonderful time with the family two weeks ago at a little village 30 minutes from here...hiking in the forest and eating out at a quaint little restaurant that surprisingly had English words on the menu. The hike was 1 1/2 hours and the kids did great!!!

- our five days in Rota Spain were wonderful!!! We had a great time. I posted all the pictures with comments on my Facebook page if you want to check them out.

-Yesterday was the Hungarian Revolution Day. Everyone had a holiday for two days and celebrated throughout the country. I made Hungarian goulash for dinner last night in remembrance. Here is the background of this important Hungarian day according to Budapest Tourist Guide "The revolutionary wave that had swept over Europe in spring 1848 resulted in a bloodless revolution in Hungary on 15th March. A bunch of Hungarian poets and writers formed the core of the radicals. Following the events on 15th March a Hungarian delegation went to Vienna to tell their demands to Ferdinand V. After several discussions the Habsburgs accepted an independent Hungarian ministry lead by Count Lajos BatthyĆ”ny. In summer 1848 Vienna decided to take action against the Hungarian revolution. The ethnic minorities living in Hungary weren't happy with the Hungarians' victory. The Croats allied with Austria and their troops attacked and invaded Hungary.

Despite the Habsburgs' more power and larger army they weren't strong enough to defeat Hungarians so Austria convinced Russia to provide support for breaking down the Hungarian War of Independence. Despite being a small country, Hungary humiliated Austria by fighting tooth and nail and she emphasized this by surrendering not to the Emperor but to the Russian Czar in August 1849. Following the defeat retribution began. Fourteen generals were executed at Arad on 6th October 1849: Count BatthyĆ”ny Lajos, Hungary's first prime-minister was shot at Pest, and thousands were sentenced to death or prison. The Habsburgs built the Citadel fortress on Gellert Hill at that time with cannons directed at the town below. The age of terror stifled Hungary in the coming years."