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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday's reflections

- fog is still here...I'm not minding it, just different

- had pizza for the fourth lunch...met a really nice girl named Andi who works there. Her English is good

- took the kids to the local bowling alley for an afternoon of bowling with new friends...we've also been treated really well by new friends; I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the kindness poured out toward us

- back to the bowling's a little restaurant on a side street with a bowling alley sign out in front. When you walk in, the room is full of tables and chairs but in the very back there are two bowling alleys behind a sliding door with one ball container. I will ask the kids how they liked it later and if they had fun, we might have Nathan's 5th birthday party t
here...he turns 5 on Jan's the only bowling in town

- this is a very quiet town...I've had the window open (no screens) in the evening and other than the occasional car, it is silent

- many of you know our family's desire to share Christ with others, well, even though we are here for the Air Force,  we have been asking the Lord to guide us into whatever missional opportunities are here.
-- Our adoption agency, All God's Children international  has asked us to facilitate the beginning of Hungarian adoptions...what that means is that we will have to meet with Hungarian officials and be the go-between for AGCI and the Hungarian government. We're going to need to find a good translator

- since there seems to be no laundromat in town and we're not paying $2.50 to get a shirt cleaned, I took to washing the clothes in the sink with dish soap. Didn't get the stains out much but hopefully got the smell and surface dirt off

- looked at three more houses...nothing jumped out at us. We'll hopefully look at a few more today and make our decision by the end of the week

- got our mini-van fixed last night and met our new friends for dinner at the Stork's Nest restaurant. It is called that because it has an actual stork's nest (huge thing) on top of one of its chimneys. I'll have to take a picture of it in the daytime. We had wonderful Hungarian goulash soup...delicious!

- for those of you who know our dog Jake, you know he really doesn't have many bad habits...we would say just one (running off when he gets a chance,...he already did that once here when he slipped right out of his collar and headed down the street - thankfully he came back to me after about a minute or two). Well, now he has two...shredding things when he is left by himself. We left him in the bathroom last night while we looked at houses and had dinner and he shredded a pair of Sarah's pants and one of Rebecca's socks -- oops!

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