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Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday's reflections

- we will move into our new house within a few weeks after the landlord builds us another bedroom (he builds furniture and said it would be no problem to add another room) he is really nice!
- being sick is no fun...esp when Jeff has to go to work, Rebecca, Nathan and Grace are sick and you have a toddler (Sarah) who doesn't sit quietly for very long...thanks to Rachel for helping out yesterday and thanks to Jeff for getting us meds last night
- the flight surgeon assigned to us here (Hungarian-American) came to the hotel last night...very nice; while he and Jeff talked in the lobby, his two big German Shepherds were tied up out on the patio and proceeded to destroy a watering can and broom...Grace, Rachel and Rebecca enjoyed watching them and scolding them from the upstairs window
- we chose our house...came down to 2 really, really nice but located too far away for us to walk into town and the other nice, but smaller, and located in town...we chose the second one...we want to walk places and live more like the typical Hungarians who walk everywhere; plus, it cost us $110 to fill up our mini van so we will definitely minimize our driving around here
- had a pizza with three different cheeses and sour cream on was pretty good
- Sarah has decided that she likes to be naked (first of our kids who have ever done this) and two nights ago I caught her running down the stairs to the lobby in her birthday suit...thankfully no one was around
- our hotel is small and has a homey much so, that Nathan likes to kick his shoes off and shed his jacket as we enter the hotel...we have to tell him to wait until we get to our room
- found an awesome park nearby...complete with a zip will be close to our new home

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