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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Frosted trees and deer

- Nathan enjoyed his first week of preschool at Faya Kindergarten. Here he is sitting at the table with some of the other kids, waiting for their mid-morning snack.  
- Last night we went over to dinner at some new friends who live in a little town a few miles from here. Driving there was just beautiful! We had a frost yesterday morning that iced all the trees, bushes and grass. It was beautiful with open fields and trees over the road and then, bounding across the road in front of us were five deer...very cool! The village is about 12 minutes from Papa.
- Two nights ago we experienced what some friends had already told us about - the late night party habits of Hungarians. There was some sort of celebration in the hotel downstairs (their conference/party room is right below our room). Well, they had live music (piano, maybe some other instrument) and lots of singing that went into the wee hours of the morning. It sounded like they were having so much fun and it was nice to go to sleep listening to them celebrate.
- Sarah, and the rest of us, are eager to spread out a bit in the house, this Tuesday. A hotel for 3 1/2 weeks is showing me the "2-yr-old" in Sarah as she goes from one mess to the next.
- The staff at the Villa Classic have been so awesome! Two nights ago they brought us coloring books, pens and pencils for the kids and three days ago it was some DVDs and a book for the kids. So sweet! A couple of them have become our friends on Facebook.
- I was happy to discover that they drink the instant coffee in little packages like they do in Korea. I am enjoying my coffee here!
- While the people in the hotel have been so very friendly, it makes me a bit sad to see most of the people walking down the street, because when I try to make eye contact, smile and wish them a good morning or afternoon, they usually never look up. I think it may be due to the communist background of Hungary but the people are not friendly and open like they were in Korea or America. I'm going to keep trying, though, wishing the people, that look at me, a Jo Napot (Good Afternoon) or Jo Reggelt (Good Morning).
- The toilets in the hotel are very powerful...kinda like the swoosh of an airplane toilet. And, they have two buttons...a small one and big one. Rachel explained to me that the small was for pee and the big for poop..makes as much sense as any other explanation.
- A very cool thing...the military will pay for our homeschooling since there is no school option here. They even pay for boarding school if one so desires. I just ordered a ton of stuff from Sonlight...our homeschool curriculum company...looking forward to its arrival.
- I'm realizing that putting a video on my blog takes a LONG TIME to upload
- Sarah just came in to tell me that Nathan is saying a bad word (stupid)...and she asks me: "Mommy, you spank Nathan in the butt?" Such love for each other...hah!

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  1. LOL with tears in my eyes at your post! You are all on a grand adventure and seem to be loving every minute of it! Excited that you can move into your house tomorrow and your landlord was willing/able to expand a bit to acommodate you and make you all more comfortable. I will try to get the girls on here to respond to the kids' posts. Still planning to come see you all in June. Miss you like crazy. Hugs all around - from you to them and them to you. We love you all!