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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nathan's first reflections of Hungary

Nathan's thoughts:

- wants a playground
- like the bakery next to our hotel
- wants a store that has a lot of bottles of water and other drinks...there is one right around the corner
- likes his new friend Alex who is five...nice of Alex to share his gum with him...would like to live right next to his house
- wants a Chinese place where people do karate so he can watch them (there are karate classes here so we might enroll Nathan and some of the kids in it)...he only wants to do a class with the younger kids
- doesn't want to do Kindergarten because he's shy (we do plan to put Nathan and Sarah in a local Kindergarten half day where they play, do crafts and learn manners at the lunch table
- he likes that there are nice pictures in our hotel room (they are all of different animals (local and African)
- he wants another Iron Man, Batman and Spider man toy...there are actually many American toys at the local Interspar store so we might find one of those for his birthday coming up

These are all in his own words...cute to see how a 4-yr-old's mind works

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