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Monday, April 11, 2011

Tulips, storks and Google translator

- The time in Hungary is flying by...I thought I would blog more often but when our homeschool days don't end until 4:30 and, the info I spent the last hour typing up for this blog entry just dumped (some not so nice words are going through my head right now, directed at my computer), I don't get to write as much as I had hoped to
- Here's a picture of us on a hike we took about a month ago. The area was pretty and will be beautiful in the springtime. It's about 45 minutes away.
- Went to church for the first time yesterday and it was great. There's a home church here, with Sunday School for the kids, and all of us enjoyed it a bunch
- Yesterday afternoon, we spent five hours visiting with our Hungarian neighbors, who we just met. The sister was miraculously healed from Osteoporosis and as a result, the whole family became Christians. Thanks to one of the brothers whose English is pretty good and Google translator. We look forward to many more enjoyable times with them and hope to visit their church in the future.
- Last weekend we had a great time with some new friends from Bulgaria. It was interesting to hear about life in their country. Once again, I think the best thing about living here is meeting people from other countries, plus the wonderful American friends we have made.
- Speaking of friends, we just found out some of our very close friends are moving to Germany, only 6 hours away...yeah!
- The weather is getting warmer so no more fires in the fireplace. I do miss the coziness of it at night but not the smoky smell that often lingered in my hair
- Driving around the area has provided us with some neat sights: numerous wagons pulled by horses, chickens walking around the street where we live, giant crucifixes everywhere, two storks in their nest built on top of some power line poles, about five very different looking deer in a clearing, beautiful tulips, daffodils and flowering trees, life in Hungary is unique!
- We are taking weekly Hungarian language lessons so that hopefully we can speak to people and not walk around in a bubble of silence everywhere we go. The people are friendly but I would really like to be able to talk to the lady at the Tesco checkout counter or the parents of the kids in Nathan's class.
- Speaking of kids - ours are doing great! Here are some of their likes: Grace - reading, drawing, riding her bike around the house, piano, helping with Sarah; Rachel - making trees houses, computer, reading, organizing her room, earning money; Rebecca - animals, drawing, Barbies, swing set, Wii; Nathan - Wii, swing set, sword fighting, action figures and school; Sarah - anything pink, dresses, drawing, Starfall on the computer, dolls
- Jeff has been flying a lot and will be headed back to the US for the third time later this month. He's enjoying the job - I think the people are probably the best part for him as well
- We are enjoying a great couple's Bible study on Wednesday night, studying the book of Revelation
- My sister and her family are moving to Houston from Atlanta...happy for her but sad that this will postpone their visit to see us for a year.
- Just finished getting the guest room set up for friends coming here this weekend...the bed we bought is a bit smaller than a normal full-sized American bed. I'm seeing, once again, that America is the land of big things...big cars, houses, drinks, refrigerators, dryers, etc.
- Rebecca, Rachel and I spent a Saturday, a few weeks back, planting a bunch of vegetable seeds into pots. Hopefully, we can transplant them in May and have a great garden this year
- Grace and Rachel were quite the interest item at the park on Thursday. By the time we left, they were being followed by a group of about 15-20 girls. The girls were practicing their English with them and were especially interested in Grace's looks since there aren't too many Asians here in Papa. Reminded me of some of our outings in Korea.
- Jeff's parents have taken good care of us via care packages...about 6 already. The last two were filled with Girl Scout cookies which we shared with our neighbors and landlord...thanks! We are trying to send out a few gift packages ourselves, every month, to family and friends.
- Two flat tires prevented us from going to Vienna today to visit the zoo and the Easter Market. Hopefully we can get up there later this week and I will post pictures on Facebook. And this weekend i Budapest with our friends who are visiting. So many neat things to see in such close proximity.

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