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Monday, November 15, 2010

Saying goodbye to Crosstowne and packing

We said goodbye to Crosstowne Church yesterday. At Awana, the leaders prayed for us and showered us all with gifts. Wow! We have been so blessed by the people at this church!
Today the moving truck comes to take all of our stuff for Hungary. The kids have been so great during this time of packing up.
Our plans...once the movers are gone, live off of the stuff we have left in the house. We were able to keep some necessities like dishes, towels, sheets, etc. and they will go in a much smaller shipment in December. The rest of our stuff will go in storage for the next few years. Being part of the Air Force makes it so easy to move. They do most of the tough work for you!
We will homeschool and pretty much stay home for the next three weeks since we have to drop off our car at the Charleston port this Friday to be shipped overseas. My sister Kelly, brother-in-law Ray and sweet niece Melanie will be here for Thanksgiving! The next weekend we will head up to Jeff's parents' house in Fayettville, NC for the month of December...Jeff will join us in mid-December. Then, on January 6 we get on Austrian Air for Vienna, Austria and then on to Papa, Hungary!
The purpose of this blog is to let you learn about Hungary and follow our family's travels. As part of that, many of the blogs will be from our children. I hope to have them blog at least weekly.
If you have children, please encourage them to write to our kids! They would love to have some blog pals!

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